The system makes it possible to input the data and to compile random reports and lists for the students, as well as to print the documents for vocational education and training – Vocational Training Certificate (num. 3-37) and Vocational Qualification Certificate (num. 3-54) – original and duplicate. VTC use the IS AdminPro on the basis…

AdminPlus – modular system

AdminPlus is a web-based platform consisting of functionally separate modules serving the school administration. Each module focuses on a specific part of the school process and aims to unite the efforts of the administration, teachers and students in the building and the imposition of modern educational standard of work complies with the law.

AdminPro – School Management Information System

The information system for school administration AdminPro can be used by schools, kindergartens and vocational training centers (VTC) and depending on the specifics of the educational institution, the system has different functionalities.

School records platform was developed by AdminSoft and RAABE Bulgaria. Its main purpose is the generation of documents related to the academic and administrative activities in school (orders, contracts, etc.) – Based on exemplary models using data entered in IS AdminPro. The platform is made up of different sections serving different departments in the school administration.