“АдминСофт” ЕООД приключи успешно проект за обучение на безработни лица за графичен дизайнер.
Маркет Тренд ООД осъществи проект по програма ФАР 2006

София, 1 юли 2009 година

10 unemployed have successfully passed through paid internship training for the profession “Graphic Designer”, announced the Market Trend Ltd., publisher of the magazine. “Education and specialization abroad.”

The company has received funding under the EU PHARE program within the project “Human Resources Development and Employment Promotion”. The training was held from April to June in Sofia as culminating in an examination.
The training included 100 hours theory and 200 hours practical training. Upon passing the final exam candidates to receive a certificate of qualification by admin Soft, 5 of them were hired for one year in the “Market Trend

“We are extremely pleased with our joint project with AdminSoft” commented Market Trend LTD. “The company took seriously the project, which led to its successful implementation. We believe that the training was useful for the unemployed people who menage to learn new skills. ”

Програма BG 2006/018-343.10.01 – “Развитие на човешките ресурси и насърчаване на заетостта”
„Expanding the activities of “MARKET TREND” Ltd. through human resource development and investment in digital technology”