insp1AdminSoft is a subcontractor of the project “BG051PO001-3.2.05 Upgrading the SYSTEM FOR INSPECTION OF EDUCATION”


Achieving greater efficiency in the management and improving the quality of education through approbation and improvement of the model for inspecting education and preparing a proposal to improve the national authority for inspection.

Specific purposes

  • Synchronizing standards of inspection with the standards of the national educational requirements, curricula and training programs at all educational levels.

  • Performing an objective assessment of the effectiveness of educational services and the quality of implementation of national educational standards and the overall educational process in educational structures.

  • Creating system environment within which schools can promote, undertake and support, plan and implement the necessary changes to improve the training of their students.

  • Improving and optimizing the  model of a national authority for inspection.

  • Actual implementation of the model to assess the level of provided educational services to end users.

  • Periodic evaluation of directors and teachers in order to improve the educational environment.

Basic activities

  • Development of documents to assess the achievements and failings which  should be corrected in order to improve the school.

  • Selection of pilot RIO and educational institutions – kindergartens and schools and approbation of the model for inspection.

  • Systematizing and analyzing the results of approbation and amendment to the model applied for inspection.

  • Improving the structure and functions of the national authority for inspection, which involves inspecting the educational environment.


Improving the quality of education by introducing an effective model for periodic external quality assessment of the operation and management of kindergartens and schools by identifying their strengths and these in need of correction.

Creating a system environment in which kindergartens and schools can promote, undertake and support, plan and implement the necessary changes to improve their operations in order to provide quality care, upbringing, socialization and training of children and students.


Developed system of indicators for inspection. Approbation and based on it advanced state educational standard for inspection.
No less than 100 evaluation cards are made for inspection, teacher, director, school, kindergarten, service unit. Final model preapared for the national authority for inspect education.
RIO 15 and no less than 1,000 educational institutions in which it has piloted model for inspection. 360,000 children in the educational structures that will be subject to inspection under the new model.