platform was developed by AdminSoft and RAABE Bulgaria. Its main purpose is the generation of documents related to the academic and administrative activities in school (orders, contracts, etc.) – Based on exemplary models using data entered in IS AdminPro. The platform is made up of different sections serving different departments in the school administration.

Educational activity

In this section are sample documents to support the administrative activities associated with academic activities at school:

– Organisation of the school year;

– To conduct examinations in the learning process;

– To support the personal development of each student;

– To impose sanctions on students;

– To organize the plan adopted in school and others.

 Labor and legal documents

The most common disputes in an organization are legal labor. We offer you a set of sample documents most frequently used documents:

– Conclusion and termination of labor contracts;

– Applications and orders to leave;

– Payment of compensations;

– Extension of working time;

– Payment of additional consideration and others.

Based on the sample document by choosing from a list can be complete names of teachers, students or other members of the school staff, and other additional information.

After preparation of the document, it can be exported to PDF format that can be printed and / or stored on your computer.

If inecessary additional corrections or revisions of the document,are needed, it can be exported in WORD – format then be formed according to the specifics of the school.